No Fairy tale ending for Buffon against football’s Super villains


Madrid’s financial power and business model has made them the villain of the European club scene. (Photo –

As the Black eyed peas performed their questionable song and dance in the build up to the Champions League final – they looked like something out of a fantasy movie; unfortunately for Juventus, and Giugliani Buffon in particular – football is no fantasy.

In the increasingly popular superhero movies, it is a rare sight to see the supervillain win, no matter how plausible that outcome may seem.

Despite having more money, and more power – the good guy will always find a weakness in their plan and exploit it.

Suddenly the villain and his weapon of ultimate power are rendered useless – and in the end, good triumphs over evil and all is just for the world; Football is different.

So much now does money become increasingly important in the modern game and Madrid have ruled the waves for years in that sense.

Only Manchester United and Barcelona have come close to matching Madrid as a football business, yet there is still something that separates them.

United and the Glazers  have even surpassed Madrid in the most recent polls, becoming the first club to be valued at over £3 billion and still, Florentino Perez holds essential power.

Richlist bleacher report

Manchester United have become the first club to be valued at €3 billion

“We take from you, you don’t take from us” is a tactic Madrid have used throughout his reign, and it continues to be his business model.

It’s true, you don’t take Madrid’s best players off them – but very often they take the best players off others.

It happened with Gareth Bale and Luka Modric from Tottenham, Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich and Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

The latter is key. For with Ronaldo – Perez, Zidane and Madrid have their weapon – one which has been wreaking havoc for years now.

Last night was no different. For the first twenty minutes, it looked like Juventus’ defence could easily withstand the pressure of Madrid’s attack – before Ronaldo drew the first blow.

A piece of magic from Mario Mandzukic made the viewer believe that Juventus would not roll over easily, and for the remaining minutes of the first half this was true.

The second half was all Madrid and it seemed as though Juventus had been drained of all their energy after matching their opponents for 45 minutes.

Casimiro struck first and with his foes at their weakest, Ronaldo struck again with the killer blow which ended the fantasy career closer for Buffon and marked Ronaldo’s 600th career goal.

ronaldo mirror

Maybe the biggest villain of all – Cristiano Ronaldo scored the killer goals last night as Madrid ran out easy winners (Photo:

This happens so often in football, but we are too caught up in the romanticism of it all to notice; rarely does the protagonist get his happy ending.

Steven Gerrard went through his career without a Premier League title, Lionel Messi may never win a World Cup, and Giugliani Buffon has never won the Champions League.

For Buffon last night though, coming up against a villain as powerful as Madrid with a weapon like Ronaldo – the viewer shouldn’t be coming away shocked as the bad guy triumphs.


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